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The best concept of "Skiing into Spring"

France Montagnes awarded SUBLI'CIMES the first place of the Skiing into Spring Contest. The collective work made this event a success, transforming 6 peaks into 6 places with an unusual atmosphere over 11 days.
  •  attract skiing into spring
    - the skiing is good and the temperatures are better
    - giving the time to discover new activities
    - the perfect time for relaxing and farniente
    - party time and open air events
    and more...
  • propose unusal activities to make your stay more enjoyable (6 peaks, 6 parties)

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A few figures

Partcipant in the different peak activities were not easily counted but it doesn't mean that these peaks didn't have any success!

Promotional items
5 000 hats
5 100 lipsticks

Zen Altitude - L'arpette
1 650 massages
1 430 jacuzzi sessions
1 000 sauna sessions

Magic, the land of fairy tales and legends - Le Fornelet
15 000 people take part in the activities (candy floss and sweets, make ups, inflatable castle, shows…)

Mix & Beach - Le Bécoin
1 650 waterslide run
Adrenaline - Roche de Mio
3 986 jumps in the Big air bag
1 194 Benji Ejection

Kid's Party - La Rossa
7 000 people
300 candy flosses

150 bags of popcorn

The Far North Thrill - La Grande Rochette
1 000 reindeer horns
4 500 magnets
4 000 cap cards...

Verbatim of social networks (Twitter, Facebook...)

- Super les espaces "sublicimes" merci à la station et à tout les saisonniers qui s'occupent de nous...

- Un grand MERCI pour toutes ces animations SubliCimes. Elles ont enchanté petits et grands!
A refaire! :)

- 6 sommets, 6 supers sensations et des animateurs très très sympas. A refaire er à reprogrammer pour les années futures! Merci à Tous.

- Sublicimes event : mix & beach @LaPlagne #skiinintospring is so much fun #inrhonealpes


Subli'Cimes 2016

From 3 to 15 April 2016

The 2015 edition of SUBLI'CIMES was a success, The next edition will be more surprising with new amazing atmospheres to be discover!!

Your special offers of spring with Subli'Cimes

Your special spring offers with SUBLI'CIMES will benefit of Subli'Cimes notoriety, you will find below elements to communicate  about SUBLI'CIMES. We will give you more tools to assist the promotion of your spring special offers soon.

Logo Subli'Cimes PDF
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Subli'Cimes 2015 Flickr Album (choose a picture and click on  to download)

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Thank you for your support and your participation in the success of SUBLI'CIMES and hope seeing you again at SUBLI'CIMES 2016!
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